With Spectre, the latest installment to the James Bond cult movies, set to hit the silver screen later this year, we go through five decades worth of Bond movies and breakdown our 5 favourite outfits from the 25 films.

Sean Connery in Dr. No

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Classic Black Tuxedo in Dr. No

This was the movie that started it all. The beginning of the Connery-Era of the James Bond series. The character that every gentleman aspires to be like. Made with a low budget, it was an instant success which began the genre of ‘secret agent’ films. Although it may have appeared to be a cheap film to create, his tuxedo in the classic casino scene looked a million bucks. The timeless black dinner suit featured satin shawl lapels, combined with a crisp white shirt, black bowtie and white pocket square. Keeping the colours monochrome, Bond allowed his tuxedo do the talking.

Sean Connery in Goldfinger

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Grey 3 Piece in Goldfinger

The third addition to the Bond series, Goldfinger was released in 1964 and again features Sean Connery. However, in this installment, we see Connery don a classic grey three piece. Even with a loaded revolver pointed at him he remains as confident as his outfit. We particularly like the 6 button single breasted vest with a notch lapel, which complements perfectly the slim notch two button single breasted suit. The pants also feature double pleats which continue with the classic theme of the ensemble.

Roger Moore in Man with the Golden Gun

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Navy 2 Piece in Man with the Golden Gun

‘My name is Bond, James Bond’. Arguably the most famous line from the series, Roger Moore picked up where Sean Connery left off. This cult quote was introduced to viewers in Moore’s very first Bond movie which reflected his witty character. The second of Moore’s seven James Bond stints was Man with the Golden Gun where he wore a navy two button suit. We love this staple navy two piece with wide notch lapels and slanted flap pockets as it is a classic combination for the office – whether you’re a secret agent or an accountant.

Pierce Brosnan in Tomorrow Never Dies

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Charcoal Suit in Tomorrow Never Dies

Pierce Brosnan in Tomorrow Never Dies proves that a classic charcoal suit follows the same principle as the movie’s name. This charcoal three button suit with a notch lapel was a common contemporary, yet classical style of the 90s. Paired with a light blue shirt and brown and blue patterned tie, we can still see men rock a similar combination (albeit in a more contemporary two button style) almost two decades since the release of the movie.

Daniel Craig in Skyfall

Charcoal Navy Suit in Skyfall

Fast forward 15 years to the most recent Bond film starring Daniel Craig, the secret agent opts for a more tailored look in his charcoal navy suit. Unlike many of the other suits featured in the predecessor films, the one worn here is a ‘3-roll-2’ construction, where the jacket has three buttons but is designed to be worn like a two button jacket. Remember when wearing a 3-roll-2 suit to never button the top (the one located on the lapel) and the bottom button.

With James Bond donning a multitude of different combinations in each movie to save the world, it’s no wonder he is regarded as an icon of style for the modern day gentleman. Having seen posters of Craig in a black tuxedo in teaser posters, what would you like to see 007 wearing in Spectre?

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