The classic collar can be recognised by the finished close proximity of each of the collar leaves. Visually it can make the person’s face appear longer coupled with a serious tone in appearance. Larger tie knots are not recommended due to the small amount of room the collar provides. However, the classic collars are making a swift return to the wardrobe as the current gentleman are leaning towards more traditional suiting styles and patterns.


The spread collar gives a modern and tidy appearance and visually identified by the 4”-6” spread between each collar leaf. Although the collar is slightly formally dressed, today it is acceptable in both casual and professional environments and is the most commonly seen collar on most gentleman’s shirts given the versatility.

Extreme Cutaway

You’ll notice this collar by the extra wide separation between the collar leaves. Increasing in popularity with the modern gentleman, the extreme cutaway draws attention away from the face giving the ability to show off the tie knot. The collar is quite bold and considered the most dressiest form of collar across the contemporary range.


As it is named, the button down collar features a button which fastens down each collar leaf at each respective points. The roots of the collar stems from a sporting history, designed for polo players and later spreading across to other athletes and eventually making it’s way into shirts as the ultimate casual dress shirt. The button-down accentuate the roll of the collar whilst keeping it in place throughout the entire day..


Also be known as the mandarin collar, the band collar visually features no collar leaves but either a stiff or soft band that runs around the neck. This collar is preferably worn without a tie and can either be buttoned or unbuttoned.

Pocket Square offers customers the choice of six different collar styles when customising their shirt.