Exploration is an important measure of Pocket Square and this year, we managed to explore a number of countries to expand our knowledge and creativity. We will keep you updated with short blogs on our recent travels and involvements through Manuscript, providing not only gentlemen fashion but also our experiences and inspiration in towards fashion.

In this chapter, we will explore an island in Italy called Burano, located a short distance from Venice. The main aspects that caught our eyes was the handcrafting of needle lace, and the vibrant architecture. Burano is an active island, where similar to Venice, the main point of travel is by boat. Shopfronts and restaurants are spread throughout the island with ease of access through many networks of footbridges.

Burano provides us inspiration for great fashion, where craftsmanship and individuality are portrayed throughout the island. Lacemaking being a strong characteristic of the island can be seen in many shops, where people can observe the professionals of Burano create art and fashion through embroidery on the fly.

The Architecture in Burano is a place mixed with residential shopfronts, where locals can live where they work. The most outstanding part is that each building varies in colour, creating a unique and rich character. Each building was intimate to each owner, and becomes a representation of a home to each individual who lives in there.

Burano is a place which portrayed creativity, representing individuality in design and individuality in craftsmanship. The exact picture that Pocket Square aims to provide to you, a place for you to design your suits and shirts, and craftsmanship that is tailored to fit your figure.