Following on from Part 1 of the Business Essentials, in this second installment, we introduce to you five staple shirts which every gentleman should have in the wardrobe to keep you looking fresh on a daily basis.

Monday – White Bird’s Eye

White Bird's Eye

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The first day of the work week. The most hated day out of the seven. You stroll into the office and catch up with fellow workmates by the water fountain about the weekend and how your footy team performed. Why not start the week on a positive note with a crisp white shirt to take the rest of the week in your stride, keeping it nice and subtle for the first day. The white shirt is a must-have for any gentleman. Safe to say, you can have five white shirts on rotation for the entire week and it still won’t look old.

Tuesday – Red Narrow Stripe

Red Narrow Stripe

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Red narrow stripe is a subtle yet bold shirt which is sure to make a mark in your office wardrobe. The thin red stripes gives the perception of height for the shorter gentleman as it draws the eyes up and down the torso. Pair this shirt with a plain navy tie and a navy or grey suit for a classic business combination.

Wednesday – Navy Houndstooth

Navy Houndstooth

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Back in the day the houndstooth pattern was adopted by the upper class as a symbol of wealth. Don a navy houndstooth shirt to get you through hump day. This distinct timeless pattern looks like a solid navy shirt from afar, but up close provides depth and dimension. Versatile and classy, this shirt can be worn with a charcoal suit to complete the look.

Thursday – Purple Check

Purple Check

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One day to go till Friday. As the week goes on, the more vibrant the patterns and colours become. This one is a personal favourite of ours. Checks are a good way to break up the usual stripes and poplin shirts to provide a bit of colour and character. Couple this shirt with a patterned silk tie to effortlessly reflect your personality.

Friday – Blue and Red Mini Gingham

Blue and Red Mini Gingham

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TGIF. Opt for a more casual look with the blue and red mini gingham for Friday. Perfect from going from the boardroom straight to Friday night drinks at your favourite bar. This shirt can also be paired with a pair of dark coloured slacks or fitted chinos to complete the look.

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