The classic notch lapel, also known as the “Step lapel” or “Step collar” and the first lapel to appear and the most common lapel worn; recognisable by the opening where the collar meets the lapel at an angle. When choosing a versatile lapel, look no further, there is no occasion or combination of suit where you cannot wear this, whether for business, the office or casually. An exception lurks when combining the notch with a double breasted jacket and the majority argue that the notch is not the best look for a double breasted jacket. Ideally, stick with single breasted jacket, blazer or sports coat and you’ll be right as rain.

Dark Grey Windowpane with a Notch Lapel

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Notch lapels are worn in a variety of widths, the slimmer and regular widths you’ll find in today’s trend but choosing the width of the lapel that complements your body shape will often yield the best results for your overall silhouette – a slim build will be best suited to a slim lapel or a larger lapel for bigger gents.

The peak lapel is showcase of confidence. Depending on the width of the peak it has a particular effect on the silhouette of the gentlemen. For instance a wider/longer peak enhances the gentlemen’s silhouette making it appear taller and dominant.

Sapphire Blue with a Peak Lapel

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It also provides a slimmer appearance because the eyes follow the lines of the lapel, pulling them up. A shorter peak will emphasise the chest more and broaden your shoulder width. Whether you are tall or short it can add a lot of substance to your overall silhouette.

For the peak lapel different sizes bring a variety of confidence levels subconsciously. For the peak, the wider the more confidence you want to portray. Don’t go overboard though as you may end up in a different era altogether, start with a balance and go from there to see what you feel comfortable with and to ensure it matches your body type.

Peaks bring power and confidence, though not a lapel that should be worn to an occasion that is more conservative i.e a funeral; save the peak for outgoing and glamorous events. It is however becoming popular among the office, don’t be afraid to wear one to work to show another dimension of yourself.