With the temperature dropping to low single digits, travelling to and from work can often feel like you’re heading to the snow. Sometimes your impeccably tailored suit jacket just isn’t enough to keep you from withstanding the cold of the chilly Australian winters. Check out what additions you can make to your outfit to keep yourself toasty whilst still looking dapper.

An overcoat is an invaluable investment to the gentleman’s wardrobe and is an easy way to step up your sartorial game and set yourself a part from the rest of your off-the-rack suit wearing colleagues. Overcoats should be worn as the most outer layer of your outfit and can also serve as a protection from the rain for your suit.

Slipping on a woolen (cashmere, fleece etc.) sweater over your shirt is one of the most effortless ways to stay warm during the frosty work week. The number one rule for layering is to ensure that the colours and patterns of each piece of clothing complement the entire outfit. Thus, when selecting a sweater, be sure to select colours and patterns which don’t clash with your suit, shirt and tie.

Protect your neck with a thick woolen scarf. A simple drape of the scarf around the back of the neck can go a long way with keeping you insulated from the Antarctic weathers. Opt for a woolen or cashmere scarf for winter and save the linen and lightweight cotton scarves for summer. With a variety of ways to tie the scarf, you can rest assured that there will always be one that suits your outfit on the chilly Mondays.

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Complete your look and stay warm with a vest. The three-piece can be either the same material as your suit, or a contrasting fabric to stand out. A perfectly tailored vest will closely hug your body to ensure the warmth remains insulated. All the while looking like you deserve that corner office on the highest floor of your office. At Pocket Square, customers have the option of adding a vest to their suits, converting their outfit into an elegant 3-piece.

Let us know in the comments below which one or combination of the above is your go-to garment for keeping you warm during winter.