Five Rules To Wearing A Suit

1 On a two, three or double breasted button jacket, always leave the bottom button undone. Fastening this will mess with the drape and fit of the jacket….


Manuscript Travel: Burano

Exploration is an important measure of Pocket Square and this year, we managed to explore a number of countries to expand our knowledge and creativity. We will keep…


Collars: The defining point of your shirt

Pocket Square offers customers the choice of six different collar styles when customising their shirt.


Cold And Bold A Winter Layering Guide

With the temperature dropping to low single digits, travelling to and from work can often feel like you’re heading to the snow. Sometimes your impeccably tailored suit jacket…


Pomade, A Slick Return For The Gentleman

The common products on the market tend to be wax, gel, mousse or hairspray. Many people are not familiar with a product called “pomade”, a hair styling substance…


The Structure Of A Suit

When it comes to suits, what’s on the inside matters just as much as how it looks on the outside. The way a suit jacket is structured is…


Black Tie Guide

Your suit game is all sorted, until the day arrives when the ever elusive letter arrives in the mail with an invitation to a black tie event. As…

part 2 business essentials

Business Attire Essentials – Part 2 of 2: The Shirt

Following on from Part 1 of the Business Essentials, in this second installment, we introduce to you five staple shirts which every gentleman should have in the wardrobe…


Choosing a Peak or Notch Lapel

The classic notch lapel, also known as the “Step lapel” or “Step collar” and the first lapel to appear and the most common lapel worn; recognisable by the…


50 Years Of Bond, James Bond

With Spectre, the latest installment to the James Bond cult movies, set to hit the silver screen later this year, we go through five decades worth of Bond…